The CTS Clinical Practice Committee seeks to identify and address issues that affect the clinical work of our state's respiratory physicians, physicians in training, nurses and respiratory care specialists. In California, all medical practitioners who use fluoroscopy must obtain a license from the department of public health to do so. They must in addition document 10 hours of relevant continuing medical education, including 4 specific to fluoroscopy safety, every two years to maintain this certification. Our principal project this past year was to develop a course to help pulmonary physicians do these two things. We recruited Dr. Lorriana Leard and her UCSF colleague Eric Seeley as well as two well known health physicists (Dr Ed Leidholdt and Dr Jia Wang) to develop this curriculum and teach it at our annual meeting in Carmel this past January. Approximately twenty-five people attended the course, and we have in addition recorded it and are in the process of making it available online for our other members who could not attend. Our committee will in the future work on other projects as well, and one if its long term goals is to develop our website into a tool for communication and case sharing among our members.