Started in 1940, the California Thoracic Society (CTS) is a professional society committed in its mission to improve California lung health and, through advocacy and education, advance the science and practice of pulmonary and critical care medicine. CTS is the largest Chapter of the American Thoracic Society (ATS).

CTS is officially recognized by the California Medical Association (CMA), and has direct representation on the CMA Scientific Committee on Chest Diseases, its Council on Legislation, and its governing body the House of Delegates.



CTS activities focus on clinical pulmonary, sleep and critical care practice issues, education, government, and payer policies for access to care issues.

Major CTS professional activities include a continuing medical education conference, development and dissemination of professional guidelines and patient education items, government policy, communication via CTS Inspirations and e-News, the Proficiency Testing program for blood gases/electrolytes+/Co-Ox, and numerous special committee projects each year to provide better pulmonary, sleep and critical care medicine statewide.

The California Thoracic Society supports its specialty activities via its own income, primarily derived from dues payments, registration fees, service fees from its Proficiency Testing Program, grants, and donations.



CTS Membership includes pulmonary physicians, critical care specialists, internists, pediatric pulmonologists, allergists, thoracic surgeons, PhDs, RCPs, advanced practice nurses, RNs and CPTs.

Membership in CTS advances recognition as a health provider committed to quality lung care in California. Belonging also offers relevant information, opportunities to network and to shape CTS policy by recommending projects, offering feedback to polls, and serving on committees and task forces.



The CTS, including its staff and standing Committees, is governed by its Board of Directors following the direction of its bylaws.