CTS membership is open to MDs, DOs, PhDs, RNs with advanced training, RCPs, CPTs, RPTs, PFTs, RPSGTs, and AE-Cs.

Whether you are starting your career or you are a well-established respiratory care/critical care medicine or sleep professional, the California Thoracic Society (CTS) provides unique opportunities that make it easy for you to:

  • make a difference in people’s lives,
  • promote lung health and disease prevention,
  • engage in an intellectual challenge,
  • accept a unique opportunity to demonstrate social responsibility,
  • achieve personal satisfaction,
  • add to your CV and career potential, and
  • enjoy recognition with your peers statewide as a new member listed in the CTS newsletter

CTS is the premiere, award-winning state Society. We complement national association endeavors with statewide components that rapidly help lung care partners

  • streamline the search for accurate patient information,
  • efficiently know when and where to react to key state lung care bills or proposed regulations,
  • meet and reconnect with colleagues statewide at the winter Carmel Conference and the May Annual Membership Meetings, and
  • relay emerging pulmonary concerns for possible Committee resolution and dissemination—throughout the state and to nationwide contacts for broad results

CTS Membership Committee launched a new membership tier in 2015 designed to increase academic faculty membership from the large academic institutions throughout the state. A single institution such as UCSD, for example, can join CTS for a flat rate that includes unlimited faculty and associates or a limited package that includes 10 faculty and fellows of their choosing. UCSF-Fresno was our inaugural institutional member followed by UCSF, Harbor-UCLA, and Cedars-Sinai. New members for 2016 include Stanford and UCLA. 


California Thoracic Society membership operates on a 12-month calendar year that runs January 1 through December 31.

Active membership shall be open to Physicians, doctoral level scientists, and other highly qualified health care professionals interested in and supportive of the objectives of the Society. At the discretion of the Membership Committee, the degree requirement may be waived for certain workers in scientific fields closely related to activities of the Society. Active members shall have the privileges of voting and holding office.

Active Non-Physician membership shall be open to non-physicians certified health care professionals working in the field related to throacic medicine and interested in and supportive of the objectives of the Society (i.e. NP, RN, RCP, RT). Active non-physician members shall have the privileges of voting and holding office.

The Associate Membership shall be open to Health Care Professionals in training, graduate students, interns, residents, and fellows. A candidate for Associate Membership shall be recommended by his or her Chief of Service or Program Director and a CTS member. If the Chief of Service is an active member, a second sponsor is not required.  Membership dues will be waived during this training period.  Associate members shall have the privileges of active members except the privileges of voting and holding office.

Active members who have reached the age of 65 or who have retired because of illness or other exceptional circumstances may request of the Membership Committee, in writing, transfer to Senior Membership. Senior members shall have all the privileges of active members with the exception of holding office.

Individuals with a record of high achievement and signal contributions in the field of respiratory health and disease may be proposed for Honorary Membership by any member.  Following approval of the Membership Committee, candidates may be elected by a majority vote of the Executive Committee. Honorary Membership will be granted to former ATS Presidents in California, all Trudeau Medalists in California, and all recipients of the California Medal. Honorary members shall have all the privileges of active members.


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