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January 8th, 2021

As California approaches peak hospitalization rates and many parts of the state are already reaching or exceeding maximum ICU capacity, the California Thoracic Society has launched a weekly forum where experts from throughout the state will gather to share knowledge, resources, and ideas in order to assist each other and the community in devising solutions to meet surge capacity and to save the greatest number of lives possible. Clinicians will be able to openly address concerns and discuss innovative options to address shortages in order to prevent Crisis Care situations. Topics will include: Oxygen delivery for mass care, HFNC, Surge Staffing, Alternate Care Sites, Crisis Triggers, and Workforce Resilience. All ideas are welcome.

Facilitator: Asha Devereaux, MD MPH, Chair, CTS Clinical Practice Committee and Exec., CHEST Task Force for Mass Critical Care

Moderators: Dennis Amundson, DO and Christian Sandrock, MD (Members CHEST TF for Mass Critical Care)