To COPD Central, an online hub of reliable, validated, state of the art information and regional resources for physicians and other healthcare providers in the state of California. These are the resources used by COPD experts in the state of California, meant to help you navigate the internet landfill of information and find the most current, trustworthy information regarding diagnostic and treatment options. The CTS Multidisciplinary Committee is also building a library of classic and state of the art articles on COPD as well as original documents describing best practices and addressing potential pitfalls and obstacles to providing best care.



American Association for Respiratory Carewww.aarc.org

  1. Guide to Aerosol Delivery Devices for the Respiratory Therapist- 3rd Edition
    CRCE: 6 hours Cost: free to Members, $15 for non-members
    Downloadable booklet
  2. Guide to Aerosol Delivery Devices for Physicians, Nurses, Pharmacists and Other Health Care Professionals, 2nd Edition
    Step- by -step free downloadable guide for non-RTs for COPD patients
  3. Guide to Portable Oxygen Concentrators
    CRCE: 1 hour Cost: Free to members, $10 to non-members
    Free downloadable guide
  4. Tobacco Resourcesfind them here.
  5. CDC Best Practices for Comprehensive Tobacco Control Programs (2014)
    Free downloadable PDF
  6. Quitting Smoking Fact Sheet – Link to the CDC
  7. Cessation Materials for State Tobacco Control Programs
    Best practices, cessation insurance coverage, quit lines and other materials
  8. Help your patients quit smoking For Health Care Providers:  links to pdfs from CDC,  American Academy of Family Practitioners (AAFP) for Tobacco and Nicotine Programs and Toolkit.  American College of Nurse practitioners (AANP) for the Smoking Cessation: Snuff a Butt, Save a Life Program.


COPD Foundation – www.copdfoundation.org


Praxis Resource Repositorylink to resources.
Library includesCOPD care and readmissions reduction resources, including best practices, research articles, educational materials and toolkits.

  1. Policy Issue resources – including a position statement on stem cell therapy
  2. Written and video learning opportunities – Free CMEs, access to the COPD Journal


Global Initiative for Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease –http://www.goldcopd.org/ 

  1. GOLD +Doctor – mobile app for physicians available from iTunes App Store (link provided) includes Combined Assessment of COPD Scale and scoring. Offers online CME from ERS.
  2. Downloadable 2016 Pocket Guide – 32 pages
  3. Downloadable (8 pages) PDF Management Reference for COPD


National Institutes of Health- National Heart, Lung and Blood Institutehttp://www.nhlbi.nih.gov/health/educational/copd/health-care-professionals/index.htm

  1. COPD Learn More Breathe Better Campaign – PSA materials for customization, includes a link to the NHLIB Health Information Center.
  2. COPD Essentials for Health Professionals Reference Card –  2 page downloadable PDF
  3. Breathe Better Network – including a full list of network members and an extensive list of leadership members and links.


American Thoracic Society

  1. Abundance of clinical resources and official statements on COPD.
    Sleep Medicine: resource link.