CTS 2022 Monterey Fellow/Multidisciplinary Poster Competition
Call for Abstracts & Case Reports

The California Thoracic Society (CTS) poster competition is open to all trainees and early career professionals, including residents, fellows, nurses/NPs, and respiratory therapists who reside in the state of California. We are calling for both scientific research abstracts and case reports pertaining to pulmonary medicine, thoracic imaging, thoracic surgery, critical care, or sleep medicine. If you have a great case or research abstract you are submitting to ATS, please feel free to submit your abstract to the CTS poster competition- you can present the same case/research at both conferences.

Please submit your abstract or case report by February 18, 2022 at 5:00 pm PDT by completing the on-line Submission Form.

(All submitted posters for ATS 2022 can also be re-submitted for CTS 2022 Annual Conference)

Accepted abstracts will be notified after February 25, 2022. For additional questions, please contact Nicholas Kolaitis, MD at Nicholas.kolaitis@ucsf.org.

Accepted case reports and abstracts (except Industry posters) will be presented in the poster competition at the CTS Annual Conference on Friday, March 11, 2022 at the Portola Hotel and Spa in Monterey. Industry sponsored posters will not be included in the competition.



  •  Scientific Abstracts:
    Your scientific abstract must contain:
    1. A descriptive title, list of authors and institutions;
    2. An introduction/rationale to the study;
    3. The methods used;
    4. The results of the study including new data not previously published or presented at a major national or international meeting;
    5. Conclusions of the study. It is not satisfactory to state: "The results will be discussed."

ALL ABSTRACTS NOT MEETING THESE MINIMUM CRITERIA WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. It is recommended that the abstract content be organized with the following headings: RATIONALE, METHODS, RESULTS, AND CONCLUSIONS.

  • Case Reports:
    Interesting and unique case reports will be considered for presentation at the CTS International Conference. Each abstract should describe only a single case report. Case report abstracts must contain the following four components:
    1. A descriptive title, list of authors and institutions;
    2. An introduction
    3. A description of the actual case report
    4. A discussion of the novelty and importance of the specific case
  • Redundancy:
    1. Each abstract should have a distinctive hypothesis or include a unique methodology that is clearly differentiated from the other abstracts submitted by a single research group.
    2. An abstract that fails to meet these criteria will be considered a duplicate.
    3. Duplicate abstracts from a single research group will be rejected.
  • Prior Publication:
    Abstracts submitted to CTS can also be submitted for ATS 2022. Abstracts published or presented at a major national or international meeting one year prior to the 2022 CTS International Conference need to be disclosed to the committee in order to be considered. Abstracts of work presented at local or regional meetings may be submitted for consideration.
  • Research Funding Source: All abstracts must specify funding source: i.e., pharmaceutical firm name, grant name and source or other specific funding source. Compliance to this rule is a prerequisite for review. Abstracts of research funded by tobacco industry sources (whole or in part) will not be considered. If you have no specific funding source, please indicate "none."
  • Co-authors: It is required that all authors listed on the abstract have knowledge of the abstract submission.
  • Abstract Length: The total word count of an abstract may not exceed 400 words. Note: The 400 word count is for the abstract body (title, authors' information, institutions, tables, images and spaces between words will not count towards the 400 word count).

Table/Graph/Image: A maximum of 1 table OR 1 image/graph can be included in the abstract. Table OR image/graph will not count towards the 400 word count. Please note: Table/Image/Graph must be legible for review.
Please attach and submit 1 table OR 1 image/graph on a separate Microsoft word document.


  • Notification of abstract acceptance or rejection will be sent electronically to the Presenting Author after February 25, 2022 at the email address provided in the CTS 2022 Abstract Submission Form. Please note: Check both your inbox and junk mail folder for your email notification.
  • It is the responsibility of the Presenting Author to ensure that the email address is correct because correspondence relating to the abstract will be sent to this address.


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