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September 3, 2020

They sat stiffly on the chair, eyes slightly narrowed. Lips pursed. They were there to see a doctor, but skeptical of “Western” medicine. On more than 10 herbs and supplements but not wanting any “unnatural” chemicals. Sensing the hostility, I take a few deep breaths, acknowledging the impatient de- fensiveness beginning to rise in me, finding compassion for their fears as I prepare to engage in the del- icate dance of therapeutic decision making at the end of which I will hopefully have gained their trust and persuaded them to accept me as a partner in restoring them to better health. Sometimes, it’s a mat- ter of convincing them that my “evidence” is better than theirs, that I am a better doctor than Google. More often, it means making them feel like I care about them, really, truly, deeply and that I have their best interests at heart.