Date - 09/10/20 - 10/23/20
7:00 am - 6:00 pm


An invitation to exhibit in the CTS Virtual Exhibit Hall

Dear Exhibitor,
It is likely that you know that the California Thoracic Society’s southern conference, scheduled for September 11-12, will be a virtual conference. We want to ensure that you have a thorough understanding of how our Virtual Exhibit Hall will function so that you can make decisions best suited for your company.

Overview: On our conference home page we will clearly identify all corporate partners with a scroll at the bottom of the page. That scroll will be continuous in three segments: Platinum, Gold & Silver levels of support, alphabetically within each category. That scroll will include your corporate logo. If there are internal legal barriers to using your logo on this page, your name will appear in a font that you choose.

There will also be a link to the Virtual Exhibit Hall on all CTS pages associated with the conference. The Virtual Exhibit Hall home page will again identify ALL corporate partners, by category, accompanied by a link to your specific company’s landing page. That landing page will be managed by our virtual conference vendor, GTR, solely with input you provide. All subsequent pages beyond the initial landing page for your company are totally at your discretion for design and content within the parameters of your level of support.

Access to the Virtual Exhibit Hall: To encourage visits to the Exhibit Hall, all CTS members will be provided complimentary access, and we are working with the California Society for Respiratory Care to coordinate access for their members as well. The Exhibit Hall will be open 24/7, for six weeks, beginning one day prior to the conference – September 10th. However, depending on how you choose to structure your own pages, it is critically important to identify hours on your landing page as well as other pages you may choose to integrate into the Exhibit Hall. For example, if you want to engage a visitor in a chat, it is likely you will want to specify hours that someone will be available. Likewise, some companies may choose to have specific individuals identified as those for chatting, so ponder that option as well as a reason to specify hours (or appointments for a phone call).

We will provide you with the name and e-mail address of EVERY visitor to your landing page.

As a corporate sponsor you will receive complimentary registration and access to presentations on the agenda based on your Exhibit Level: Platinum level, three(3); Gold level, two(2); and Silver level, one (1). In addition, if you exhibited at the CTS Northern California Conference Jan. 17-18, 2020 and are exhibiting at the Platinum or Gold Level for this conference you will qualify for a $500.00 exhibitor discount.

IMPORTANT: Every registrant, both paid and complimentary, will receive a unique log in to access the Exhibit Hall and educational sessions. This is NOT open and accessible by the general public.

Levels of Participation: The primary distinction between levels of support focuses on the components of your “exhibit booth.” At one end, platinum, you may include links to your own webinars, posters, abstracts, and other educational and product information you deem appropriate, including the opportunity to chat or schedule contacts for a later time. At the other end, silver, your exhibit booth cannot include access to such tools other than chat/appointment opportunities, and full display and access to product information you deem appropriate.


Platinum Level … $3,000.00 ($2,500, if you exhibited @ the Jan. 17-18, 2020 CTS Conference) Visitors tour the virtual exhibit with an explanation and demonstration of products and procedures, provide links to webinars, educational posters/abstracts and other information the vendor deems appropriate.

Gold Level… $2000.00 ($1,500, if you exhibited @ the Jan. 17-18, 2020 CTS Conference)
Visitors tour the virtual exhibit with explanation and demonstration of products and procedures, provide links to educational posters/abstracts and other information the vendor deems appropriate (excluding webinars or other similar educational tools).

Silver Level… $ 1,000
Visitors tour the virtual exhibit, with an explanation and demonstration of products and procedures, provide links to product (s), and other information the vendor deems appropriate (excluding webinars, posters, abstracts or other similar educational tools).

To assist you in development of your landing page, we have included information provided to us by our vendor, GTR. We strongly encourage timely review of this information as development of information for the Exhibit Hall is likely to require notable internal review within your company.

We look forward to having you support the CTS and promote your products and services as an important learning component of our Conference.


Exhibitors are required to complete an EXHIBITOR REGISTRATION FORM (below), and provide payment prior to the meeting or on site (space available).

If you are paying by check, download the “Exhibitor Registration form Fall 2020” now.

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