This past weekend brought fierce Santa Ana Winds to Southern California that are expected to last all week. The strong, dry winds typically peak in the Fall and rarely last so long or remain so fierce. Santa Anas gain speed as they blow through the mountain passes, creating perfect conditions for wildfires, whipping them into frenzied firestorms along their paths.

As of this writing, major fires are burning in Ventura County and other areas within Los Angeles County. The South Coast Air Quality Management District lists the following areas of direct smoke impacts:

Areas of direct smoke impacts and Unhealthful air quality include portions of:

  • West San Fernando Valley (Forecast Area 6),
  • East San Fernando Valley (Forecast Area 7), and
  • Southwest Los Angeles County Coastal (Forecast Area 3),
  • · Northwest Los Angeles County Coastal (Forecast Area 2).

The CTS has prepared a tip sheet for those affected by the catastrophe. Please share with your friends, colleagues and patients.  How to Stay Healthy During the Fires

Other resources

Here is the most recent  list of Federal Disaster Areas declared in California

AARC/CSRC Members who have been affected and are any of these declared disaster areas are eligible for disaster assistance through the AARC Disaster Relief Fund.  Here’s the link to the AARC Disaster Relief Page for California: